The Northern Territory has signed up to the National Disability Insurance Scheme after agreements were met on two key concerns holding the deal back.

In a last-minute signing before Tuesday night’s Federal Budget, the Territory agreed to contribute $99 million a year and the Commonwealth $105 million a year once the program was fully running.

About 4900 people are set to benefit from the NDIS, compared to about 3500 presently.

The NDIS funds people with disabilities to go to the market for services, effectively giving them more choice and control over managing their needs.

Health Minister John Elferink said the signing was a significant milestone, a turnaround from this time last year when the government had the early version of the NDIS pinned as a dud deal.

A trial in the Barkly region, which began on July 1, 2014, captured only about half of the disabled population.

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Health Minister John Elferink last night said learnings from the trial had led to “a certain amount of definitional flexibility” which would mean “not all but most” Territorians with disabilities would get access the scheme.

The government’s other major concern was the potential for people to rip-off disabled people in the more remote regions, where conditions can be more enticing for rogue operators.

Mr Elferink said discussions with Federal Social Services Minister Christian Porter last week had netted an assurance for extra payments to help develop an oversight function.


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