PALO ALTO, Calif., April 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Since its April 2015 opening in Palo Alto, California, Magical Bridge Playground is heralded as the nation’s most innovative and inclusive playground. The first of its kind, Magical Bridge Playground illustrates how today’s typical park designs overlook and exclude so many: the growing autistic population, visually and hearing impaired, physically limited, medically fragile, and even the aging community. Working with inclusion experts from all over the world, Magical Bridge Playground far surpasses the minimum ADA requirements, and benefits everyone in the community, regardless of ability or disability.


The MAGIC of Magical Bridge Playground: Designed by inclusive play experts, educators, therapists, families living with various disabilities, and leading landscape architects, Magical Bridge Playground at Palo Alto’s Mitchell Park includes:

This year, Magical Bridge Foundation is focused on bringing a Magical Bridge Playground to three (3) Bay Area locations. The team will leverage their expertise and relationships gained from the Palo Alto location to reduce costs and expedite the building process, while continuing research and advocacy for inclusive play spaces.

“The ongoing enthusiasm for the Palo Alto playground underscores the global need for play spaces to be designed for everyone,” shared Olenka Villarreal, founder of Magical Bridge Foundation.

“While valiant in its efforts, ADA has not done enough to reflect the many physical and cognitive dimensions of today’s families, or how they actually use playgrounds.  Join us as we create a new kind of playground – a community playground, which reflects the needs of every community member. It is time to revolutionize today’s playground designs, and Magical Bridge Foundation is ready to bring the magic of inclusive play everywhere.”

With each new Magical Bridge Playground project, the Foundation will capture the unique spirit of the area and ignite the support of local government and community groups around designing public places for everyone.


About Magical Bridge Foundation

Magical Bridge Foundation furthers the promise of Palo Alto’s Magical Bridge Playground by advocating for and creating inclusive and innovative playgrounds in other communities. Led by Magical Bridge Playground founder and visionary, Olenka Villarreal, and co-founders Jill Asher and Kris Loew, the formation of Magical Bridge Foundation is responding to the global need for innovative and inclusive parks. We are ready to pour our seven years of research, fundraising, development, design, and construction strategies into building Magical Bridge Playgrounds across the nation.

SOURCE Magical Bridge Foundation

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