Editors Note: This is great news for Oak Industries in Tasmania. By the way if you ever need any, Oak makes fantastic floorboards at the best prices we found and they even have a style which we bought that has grooving especially so you don’t see the nails.


A Tasmanian disability service provider hopes a deal for its Pink Lady apple trees to be grown in China will bring in a new revenue stream.

Oak Enterprises has licensed its patented apple variety to be grown in China for the first time.

The group’s John Paton said he had patented a variety of the Pink Lady apples and expected his organisation would earn royalties from each tree grown in China, after successful trials.

“It could be anywhere between a million trees grown or even more,” he said.

“The turnover of trees is something in the order of 5 million trees they need to plant each year, so it’s a very, very big market and I think it’s a great opportunity for Tasmania.”

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Mr Paton said Oak Enterprises also looked at growing the variety in South Africa, South America and Japan, but needed to find suitable conditions.

“There are parts of China that are exemplary places to grow apples and pomme fruit,” he said.

The money generated from the deal will be used to fund more services for people with disabilities and other social enterprises.

Mr Paton said the amount of revenue would depend on how many trees were sold.

The business is now working on developing a similar deal on another apple variety it manages.


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