With CSUN 2016 still a couple of months away, in this VIP Roundtable Nelson, Alex, Justin & Shaun take a look at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 to see if there is anything of interest for the visually impaired consumer.

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First up for discussion is the news that Samsung won the Best of Innovation award in the category of Accessible Tech for it’s range of smart Televisions. Offering accessibility features such as VoiceGuidance for the visually impaired and ClearVoice for viewers with hearing difficulties, even Apple diehard Justin can’t fail to be impressed.

Next Jabra announces its intelligent headset with 3D Audio.  In partnership with Microsoft, this headset along with an accompanying smartphone app, not only knows where you are but also what you are looking at.  With Microsofts recent work with the Cities Unlocked project, which looks at ways to add an audio layer to environments, the possible benefits for the visually impaired could be massive.  Staying in the area of wearable tech, ORCAM is another interesting device being shown at CES.  It’s a small device you wear that will ‘process’ all video and audio as you go about your daily life.  The Jerusalem based company claims that it’s advanced AI is powerful enough to sort this data allowing features such as displaying information on people you meet and recognizing facial expressions etc.  Being rolled out to developers in 2016, it’ll be interesting to see just what this little device can do.

Also, Project Tango, the technology that allows for 3D environment mapping on a smartphone was first unveiled by Google 2 years ago and this summer Lenovo will release the first smartphone featuring the technology.  One of the more desirable usage examples from a visually impaired angle is accurate indoor navigation.  Although being able to quickly find the store you want in a huge shopping mall is something most people would love, visually impaired or not.

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