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Minister lauds £600,000 for rail access after separate £47M cuts

Seven “innovative, high-tech schemes” to improve access to rail travel for disabled passengers would share the £600,000 funding.

Campaigner defeats third government department on accessible information

The judiciary is not bound by the Equality Act and it is extremely difficult to get respondents and defendants and specifically the legal profession to correspond in an accessible format.

Landmark court ruling over leisure club’s inaccessible swimming pool

The case could help other disabled people in accommodation with leisure facilities that are managed by a management company or housing association.

TransPennine performs sharp U-turn on train access after protest threat

TPE said in a statement that, following discussions with the Department for Transport and Rail North Partnership, it had decided not to introduce any Mark Three trains (without any provision for wheelchair-users) into passenger service.

Creating a culture of inclusion at Barclays – inspiring hearts, educating...

By focusing on guidelines, standards and processes you build compliant products, but if you focus on people and fostering a culture of inclusion, you recognise that standards and guidelines are merely the start line and not the finish line.

The case for a single standard of accessibility and how your...

Need to put down a single standard for pursuing improvement in an objective way. The Accessibility Maturity Model (AMM) is designed to establish a performance baseline for IT accessibility within an organisation.

League table would help government departments improve on assistive technology

There is a widespread lack of knowledge and understanding of what mainstream technology can actually do for disabled people.

I’m sick of inaccessibility. Here’s how you can make your event...

Loneliness and isolation are such a huge part of having chronic illnesses, but it doesn’t have to be this way (or at least to this level).

Renovations to Houses of Parliament ‘must provide step change in access’

A disabled peer has told the House of Lords that plans for a major “restoration and renewal” of the Houses of Parliament must ensure a “step change” in the provision of disability access in a building that can be “extremely unwelcoming” to disabled people.

First Blue Badge Style Awards

Last week saw the first Blue Badge Style Awards Ceremony in London - all about accessibility.