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The roadmap to defeat MS in Australia

The Roadmap proposes $30 million over ten years from the Medical Research Future Fund and $5 million from the Commonwealth Primary Health Network.

Homelessness: Australia’s shameful story of policy complacency and failure continues

Recently published 2016 Census statistics showed a 14% increase in overall homelessness in Australia since 2011.

Why consumers need better protection from dodgy health care: the case...

The most distressing aspect of this story is the lack of any significant protection of consumers from these so-called health practices, not supported by any credible evidence and administered by practitioners with no medical qualifications.

Toxin linked to motor neuron disease found in Australian algal blooms

Research now needs to focus on tracking and monitoring algal blooms to detect the presence of BMAA (a neurotoxin), and determining how long it remains in the ecosystem after these blooms occur.

Looking at the Australian social security system through a trauma-informed lens

If we look through a trauma-informed lens, measures aimed at controlling welfare recipients appear likely to do more harm than good.

The horror story of demand driving supply in a failed housing...

The Productivity Commission recommends moving toward a single system of financial assistance that can be accessed regardless of the type of housing a person chooses to live in.

With health assuming its rightful place in planning, here are 3...

Key aspects include environmental sustainability, pollution risks and liveable places. Being liveable means having access to healthy food, nearby employment and services, and opportunities for active lifestyles.

England expects 40% of new housing developments will be affordable, why...

Australia has record levels of supply of new properties but despite various government interventions, housing still remains unaffordable for many.

Cross-sector collaboration and working: How much time do we have to...

Effective cross-sector collaboration and joint working among practitioners remains a Holy Grail that continues to elude us within health care.

Body-worn cameras will help reduce police use of force, but the...

So will the drive to equip Australian frontline police officers with compulsory BWCs improve policing? Probably. For a start, gathering evidence will be considerably speedier and more accurate in most circumstances.