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Isle of Man set to scrap its fitness for work test

In the UK, there has been nearly a decade of evidence that the WCA is unsafe, inaccurate, unfair, and lacking in empathy, while it has been repeatedly linked with the deaths of claimants.

Anger over DWP refusal to repay claimants £150 million

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is refusing to pay back as much as £150 million owed to disabled people as a result of botched efforts to move them onto the new employment and support allowance (ESA).

DWP hides impact of changes to ESA guidance that risked lives

The government appears to be trying to hide information that could show the impact of major changes to “fitness for work” guidance that risked the lives of thousands of disabled benefit claimants.

Revelations show DWP is ‘subverting justice’ at appeal tribunals

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) officers who attend benefit appeal tribunals are being asked by their bosses how many high-level awards to disabled people they have been able to prevent.

Watchdog begins probe into failure of regulators to punish lying PIP...

A watchdog is examining the failure of two healthcare regulators to punish nurses, paramedics and physiotherapists who write dishonest benefit assessment reports.

The PIP Files: Senior MP to write to minister over ‘devastating’...

A senior opposition MP is to write to the minister for disabled people to ask how she plans to penalise government contractors Atos and Capita, following “devastating” revelations about their “shocking” failings in delivering disability benefit assessments.

DWP quietly dumps plan to trial softer sanctions regime

Ministers have quietly dumped their promise to test a gentler approach to dealing with claimants who breach strict benefit conditions for the first time.

Benefit assessment report welcomed, but concern over ‘preventable harm’ failings

Disabled campaigners have welcomed a report by MPs on disability benefit assessments, which they say highlights “serious multiple failures”, but many believe it should have done more to highlight the serious “preventable harm” caused by the system.