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You can’t control love, not even with a disability

Advice column about falling in love with a person with the same disability as yourself.

Five common myths about accessible websites

How to solve accessibility issues for websites and debunking common myths about website accessibility.

Nearly 90% of blind people face ill-treatment over their guide dogs

Nearly 90% of guide dog users face disability discrimination and access problems despite legal protection.

Dr. Dean Bok Awarded Prestigious Helen Keller Prize for Vision Research

International news concerning disability and mental health from PR NewsWire.

Groundbreaking Settlement to End Discrimination Against Blind Uber Riders Who Use...

A fantastic settlement has been reached between Uber and the NBF in America to enable far better transport for people using guide dogs and other assistance animals.

Memory of guide dogs honoured with public garden in Hobart

A sculpture / memorial has been erected in Hobart Tasmania to remember deceased guide dogs who have helped the blind and vision impaired and to icrease public awareness.

Stem cell therapy for blindness is now a reality – Dr...

A roundup of the research being undertaken and trials concerning stem cell treatment to restore sight in the blind and vision impaired.

Get behind “Paws with Purpose” campaign to help guide dogs access

Please spread the message that guide dogs and seeing eye dogs are allowed everywhere and to prevent access is disability discrimination.

ABC iView Audio Described Programs – May 2016

List of audio described programs that will become available on ABC's iView in May 2016.