Thursday, September 19, 2019
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The employment story of a young man with cerebral palsy

An interview with Nick about his work and volunteer experiences.

The power of social media for disabled people

Examples of the power of social media for disabled people creating powerful social change.

Three Tips to Make Classrooms Mobility Device Friendly

Tips for creating an inclusive and accessible educational environment.

Understanding the NDIS: will parents of newly diagnosed children with disability...

Under the NDIS informal support to find out about early intervention will not be a funded service. In fact, it will no longer exist.

Longing for love, sex, marriage and make-up: Narratives of sexuality from...

Ranging from a moral ban on watching pornography, masturbating to wearing make-up, physically disabled people are either considered to be sexually hyperactive or asexual beings.

A Life with Cerebral Palsy is a Life in Motion

Learn about Mark's life with Cerebral Palsy and how he lives an ordinary life with his wife and children.

Disabled man may face 12-month wait for a bath after hoist...

A UK example of what inadequate care funding subjects disabled people to.

Gillette launches Emojability keyboard for special needs community

International disability news courtesy of PR NewsWire.

Family protests airline’s rejection of special seat for son who has...

Cathay Pacific caused enormous problems and anxiety for this family when they refused use of a special disability harness.

[Infographic] Taking children with cerebral palsy on flights

Advice on how to plan ahead when a child with cerebral palsy needs to fly.