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One story, two languages: sign and spoken language share the theatre...

Award-winning theatre company Equal Voices Arts has developed two original shows performed in both NZSL and New Zealand English (NZE) to enable both Deaf and hearing audiences to share the experience.

Access to Elected Office Fund sparks call for ministerial meeting

The government broke its promise to publish the long-awaited review of a fund that supported deaf and disabled people with the extra costs of standing for election.

Deaf Australia: Australian government signs off tender for a substandard National...

The Government now sees the NRS as a ‘safety-net’ rather than the equivalent phone service for consumers with disability as it has traditionally been.

People With Disabilities Have A Lot To Offer Employers

Australia needs policies that capitalise on the strengths of people with disability. Disability employment is a huge problem even though disabled people have a lot to offer employers.

Disability, sex and relationships: stopping anxiety getting in the way of...

Some tips on managing anxiety when searching for a relationship as a person with disability.

An open letter to Members of the Parliament of SA

A response to the voluntary euthanasia bill which is currently before the South Australian Parliament.

Australian High Court sanctions discrimination against the deaf

The Australian High Court has delivered a judgment that permits discrimination against a deaf person who wished to be a juror in Queensland.

Deaf workers: one in four has quit a job because of...

Deaf people face extreme discrimination in their employment and in relation to finding jobs.

Don’t blame the computer for NDIS IT bungle

The implementation and testing of the NDIA portal software system has been an absolute unmitigated disaster for the NDIA, service providers and disabled participants but who is to blame?

ABC Fails To Consider Discriminatory Impact Of Transcript Cutbacks On The...

The ABC will now only transcribe one key interview from key news and current affair radio programs and has failed To Consider Discriminatory Impact Of Transcript Cutbacks On The Deaf & Hearing Impaired