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Social care citizens’ assembly omits DPOs from panel of experts

DPOs have raised “deep concerns” about the way the Citizens’ Assembly on Social Care has been organised, and its failure to ensure that disabled people and their user-led organisations will have the chance to influence its conclusions.

Deeply troubling post-2010 fall in older people claiming disability benefit

The percentage of those aged 65 and over who receive attendance allowance (AA) fell by 22.3 per cent in the six years after the coalition came to power in 2010.

Budget 2016: $136m boost for My Aged Care But Not For...

A headline announcement that gives extra funding to the call centre but nothing to direct service delivery under My Aged care.

Things I hope to find in aged care homes by the...

Editors Note: Residents of aged care homes with disabilities will need specific aids and facilities so lets hope they get provided by the time...

Our guide to aged care and the best option for you

If you're investigating aged care options for yourself or a loved one you might find, like many before you, that you're overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information covering everything from care options to sector failures.

Admin charges on unspent funds to be disclosed on My Aged...

Home care providers will be required to publish on My Aged Care all administration charges to be deducted from any future unspent funds should a client switch providers or permanently leave their package.

Latest webinar on My Aged Care rollout

A webinar on the My Aged Care system rollout.