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Creating a culture of inclusion at Barclays – inspiring hearts, educating...

By focusing on guidelines, standards and processes you build compliant products, but if you focus on people and fostering a culture of inclusion, you recognise that standards and guidelines are merely the start line and not the finish line.

League table would help government departments improve on assistive technology

There is a widespread lack of knowledge and understanding of what mainstream technology can actually do for disabled people.

Why accessibility testing with real users is so important

There is no 'one size fits all' way to know if what you’ve built will work until you test it with the people who will be expected to use it.

The technology that gave Stephen Hawking a voice should be accessible...

It’s time to make communication systems like the one Stephen Hawking used available for all who need it, so that they too can have their chance to shine.

Proposed new regulations for 3D printed medical devices must go further

3D printing has rapidly increased in quality and popularity over the past decade. Who should be legally responsible as the manufacturer when 3D printed devices fail?

Home Office IT failure stalls disabled civil servant’s career

A disabled civil servant has told MPs how her career has stalled because of the failure of the IT systems in the Home Office to cope with the assistive technology she needs to do her job.

Independent Federal Disability Agency Calls for a “Technology Bill of Rights”...

There are high level calls for a technology bill of rights to ensure accessible technology is produced, to protect all disabled Americans.