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Survey of disabled members finds discrimination within Labour party

Disabled party activists have become frustrated at the party’s continuing refusal to take seriously their concerns about widespread discrimination both among local constituency parties and the national Labour party.

Why short ‘unconscious bias’ programs aren’t enough to end harassment and...

These short programs must be part of a wider, broader and more comprehensive and ongoing program to make a real difference.

Anecdotes of a disabled gay: Inclusion, advocacy and employment

We need to change the way we think about disability, sex, and sexuality once and for all. To explore the power of social labels, how they can affect one’s life in both positive and negative ways.

Disabled music fans face premium phone charges to book live events

More than half of disabled people who have tried to buy tickets for live music events have had to call premium-rate phone numbers to arrange access, according to a new survey.

Marriage institutions aren’t just sexist — They’re ableist and disrespectful to...

When it comes to relationships and sexuality today, disabled people often experience additional discrimination and patronizing attitudes, even from non-disabled loved ones.

Government takes small step over risk of NHS care home discrimination

The government has taken a small step towards addressing the discrimination faced by service-users with complex healthcare needs who risk being forced into institutions.

Commonwealth Games have better integrated para-sports, but society needs to catch...

It’s so frustrating when we see the political will to deliver an inclusive major sport event when the eyes of the world are watching. Yet the everyday lived experiences suggest an ongoing struggle for fair treatment in all areas of citizenship.

Listen and learn: The importance of parking our prejudice

To gain real traction in our fight for true inclusion of people with disability, we need as many people speaking up as possible. We need to call out injustice when we see it.

The employment story of a young man with cerebral palsy

An interview with Nick about his work and volunteer experiences.

Becoming Disabled

Roughly one in five Americans lives with a disability. So where is our pride movement?