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Low expectations are stopping young disabled people going to university

Young people’s educational expectations are highly dependent on those of their parents. Positive expectations could make all the difference.

UK MPs’ inquiry into SEN support ignores inclusive education

The inquiry by the Commons education select committee will investigate the impact of major reforms to the special educational needs and disability (SEND) system that were introduced four years ago through the Children and Families Act.

How Rwandan girls with disabilities are fighting sexism at school

Girls resist male domination by either directly and assertively confronting it, or by using more subtle tactics. In doing so, they challenge domination and stereotypes and affirm their capacity for leadership in a male-dominated setting.

NSW could lead the way in educating students with a disability

As per recommendations given to the NSW, there is a possibility for significant changes in the provision of education to children with a disability.

Children With Disabilities Are Being Excluded From Education

Governments in Australia, NZ and the UK are failing children with disabilities by not providing necessary learning support.