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Watchdog forces 13 CCGs to back down over NHS institution threat

EHRC will examine the new policies to ensure they are lawful and adequately consider equality and human rights implications for their patients.

Why consumers need better protection from dodgy health care: the case...

The most distressing aspect of this story is the lack of any significant protection of consumers from these so-called health practices, not supported by any credible evidence and administered by practitioners with no medical qualifications.

Budget 2018 boosts aged care, rural health and medical research: health...

The government has announced A$1.6 billion over four years to allow 14,000 more older Australians to remain in their home for longer through more high-level home care places.

Disabled people split over personal health budget expansion plans

The government’s plans faced determined opposition from other disabled campaigners this week, with many concerned that they could be part of a planned creeping privatisation of the NHS.

Can randomised control trials deliver a more equal world, one coin...

Across medicine, business and government, there’s no simpler or more powerful tool for finding out what works than a randomised experiment.

With health assuming its rightful place in planning, here are 3...

Key aspects include environmental sustainability, pollution risks and liveable places. Being liveable means having access to healthy food, nearby employment and services, and opportunities for active lifestyles.

Cross-sector collaboration and working: How much time do we have to...

Effective cross-sector collaboration and joint working among practitioners remains a Holy Grail that continues to elude us within health care.

Do you really need private health insurance? Here’s what you need...

Private health insurance premiums will increase from April 1, leaving consumers wondering if they should give it up or downgrade to save money.