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One story, two languages: sign and spoken language share the theatre...

Award-winning theatre company Equal Voices Arts has developed two original shows performed in both NZSL and New Zealand English (NZE) to enable both Deaf and hearing audiences to share the experience.

Ground-breaking co-production report ‘creates blueprint for national change’

The council was putting into practice one of the key principles of the disabled people’s rights movement: Nothing About Us Without Us.

Invisible disabilities: Looking beyond labels – A round-up

Invisible disabilities:: Something like 96% of disabilities are not physical and yet there is little understanding of what a non‑visible disability is and how to support someone who has one.

Making disability support work across real lives

The big issue as a parent is the low expectations that people have of children with disabilities and it’s a real lost opportunity. That focus on what you can’t do rather than on what you can do is a real downer.

Office for Disability Issues staff levels have plummeted since 2010

DWP admitted that none of the bodies it set up to engage with disabled people and their organisations as part of its disability strategy had met in nearly a year.

Report: Boards of biggest companies should appoint disability champions

Becoming “disability inclusive” as an employer opens up organisations to “a wider talent pool, different ways of doing things and a far broader customer base”. Employers should also promote disability issues to their suppliers, networks and audiences

Flood’s foreign travels will collect evidence to push government on inclusion

To visit and learn from the school systems in the Canadian city of Toronto and the province of New Brunswick, and in Finland that shows how a truly inclusive system can be achieved.

Commission of disabled people sets council on path to true co-production

The commission focuses on how to remove the barriers disabled people face in the London borough by embedding a culture of co-production within the council.

We can’t just leave it to the NDIS to create cities...

The responsibility for change should be shared far more broadly – mainstream services must actively transform themselves to become more inclusive.

East and West – Disability across the globe at the beginning...

Disability does not exist in isolation of its surrounding social context. Race, culture, religion and belief are all social conditions upon which ‘disability’ is culturally perceived, interpreted, and ‘practiced’.