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Support Better Goals website and app development on Start Some Good

Learn all about the Better Goals website and App for helping manage your plan and budget under the NDIS.

NDIS: Annual report Released

The NDIA has finally released the 2015-2016 Annual report with all the stats and progress on the NDIS scheme.

It’s not easy keeping the Paralympics a level playing field, but...

The classification system used in the Paralympics to ensure people compete against others of similar abilities is intriguing. Learn how different disabilities are assessed, compared and rated.

School is not always a safe place for students with disability...

School teachers are struggling to adequately support students with complex needs and school environments allow abuse to occur.

Collaboration addresses need for sustainable and Innovative Disability housing

An example of an innovative disability housing solution that provides a sustainable and affordable housing solution.

Learning Disability Week highlights isolation of young people

People with learning disabilities can face a very isolated and lonely life which affects their health and wellbeing.

The importance of home For Disabled People Under the NDIS

Discussion of housing options under the NDIS for people with disabilities.

Why you should hire someone with an intellectual disability

Discussion of the wide ranging benefits for both the employer and the person with an intellectual disability of being hired and given a job.

Disability and Ageing Research

Details of some recent research on disability and aging that is currently free to access rather than being paywalled.

Calculated risk can lead to real rewards For People With Disabilities

Calculated and positive risk taking can really have a tremendous positive impact on people with learning disabilities and intellectual impairments.