Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Disability, sex and relationships: stopping anxiety getting in the way of...

Some tips on managing anxiety when searching for a relationship as a person with disability.

We’re blind, not invisible

A social change campaign aimed at permanently altering how society views and treats people who are blind.

Religion on Disability: The Gift That Keeps On Giving?

The Pope has given his perspective on disability and essentially says that disability can be viewed as a divine gift.

The blind photographer who fulfilled his dream to cover the Paralympics

Read the amazing story of the blind photographer who had a childhood dream of covering the Paralympics and how he achieved it.

EU Petitions Committee calls on EU countries to ratify the Marrakesh...

The Marrakesh treaty benefitting vision impaired and blind people has still not been ratified by EU member countries.

Customize your white cane with Kustom Cane

Get special customisations to your white cane or guide dog harness to match your style and personality.

It’s not easy keeping the Paralympics a level playing field, but...

The classification system used in the Paralympics to ensure people compete against others of similar abilities is intriguing. Learn how different disabilities are assessed, compared and rated.

FSCast Episode 132 – Eric Damery and Jonathan Mosen continue their...

Audio podcast on the upcoming new Jaws screen reader update.

3 harmful ways casual ableism shows up in our everyday language

Are you using casual ableism in your everyday language? It’s widely accepted in our society, so you might be doing it without knowing about the meaning or impact of what you’re saying.

Girl with autism denied priority flight boarding

An airline showed a complete lack of understanding and assistance towards a family with an autistic child and made boarding much more difficult.