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Some women feel grief after an abortion, but there’s no evidence...

Neither the term “post-abortion syndrome”, nor the claims about its characteristics, are supported by any national or international psychological societies.

Cannabis and psychosis: what is the link and who is at...

There’s consistent evidence showing a relationship over time between heavy or repeated cannabis use (or those diagnosed with cannabis use disorder) and an experience of psychosis for the first time.

Gaming addiction as a mental disorder: it’s premature to pathologise players

Rigorous scientific research into gaming addiction is essential. Now is not the time to pathologise one of the most popular leisure activities of the digital age.

It’s not just you – politics is stressing out America’s youth

In a survey of 80 youth across the nation, it was found that a majority experienced physical or emotional distress before and after the 2016 presidential election.

How neoliberalism is damaging your mental health

There is a widespread perception that mental ill health is on the rise in the West, in tandem with a prolonged decline in collective well-being. Has Neo-Liberalism caused this?

Raising awareness of mental health issues is not enough

Educating the public on mental health issues and creating awareness needs to go hand-in-hand with a functional mental health service system for an effective solution to the problem.

Seattle To Host 2018 Special Olympics USA Games

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