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The NDIS or the National Disability Insurance Scheme is a fundamental change to how support for disabled people is being provided in Australia. The NDIS is rolling out across Australia and it is important that you stay up to date with the latest news on the NDIS. My Disability Matters publishes the latest news, stories and opinion articles on the NDIS and you can subscribe for Free to make sure you stay informed. See all our latest articles about the NDIS below.

The NDIA is responsible for the rollout and administration of the NDIS in Australia and you may wish to comment or discuss how the NDIS is being implemented in Australia.

Brief survey to help MDM Club cater to disability and NDIS...

Please complete and promote our brief survey to help us develop the My Disability Matters Club to cater for disability and NDIS businesses.

Support Better Goals website and app development on Start Some Good

Learn all about the Better Goals website and App for helping manage your plan and budget under the NDIS.

NDIS: Annual report Released

The NDIA has finally released the 2015-2016 Annual report with all the stats and progress on the NDIS scheme.

NDIS nominees and appointments of guardians

Analysis around some guardianship cases involving disabled people receiving NDIS supports - when should a guardian or nominee be appointed under the NDIS?

NDIS Board Recruiter must be replaced

Not one of the potential candidates for NDIS Board positions has either a disclosed disability or lived experience of disability.

Proposed focus areas on the NDIS by Australian Human Rights Commission

A discussion paper has been released by the Australian Human Rights Commission stating the areas of focus by the Commissioner for the NDIS.

Individualised disability funding in Australia and England – different design, same...

Compare and contrast the similarities and same problems being experienced in both the UK and Australia with the NDIS scheme.

DPOA Submission to NDIS Savings Fund Special Account Bill 2016 Inquiry

Submission by Disabled Person's Organisations Australia into the NDIS funding changes.

SA NDIS Readiness Grants: Winner Beware

The South Australian Government is going to provide urgent assistance to some Disability Service Providers.

NDIS Mental Health Network Update – October 2016

Mental health is such an important part of the NDIS scheme but has not received anywhere near as much attention as physical disabilities so it is important to keep current.
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