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OPINION: Stand up for your rights, because no one else will

As a person blind since birth, I learnt quickly that in order to be regarded as an equal in society, I’d have to utilise my greatest ally – my voice.

Nearly 90% of blind people face ill-treatment over their guide dogs

Nearly 90% of guide dog users face disability discrimination and access problems despite legal protection.

Memory of guide dogs honoured with public garden in Hobart

A sculpture / memorial has been erected in Hobart Tasmania to remember deceased guide dogs who have helped the blind and vision impaired and to icrease public awareness.

Get behind “Paws with Purpose” campaign to help guide dogs access

Please spread the message that guide dogs and seeing eye dogs are allowed everywhere and to prevent access is disability discrimination.

Guide Dogs warn of risks of distracting working animals

Discussion of the problems that can be caused to a guide dog or seeing eye dog by patting them whilst they are working.