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What calling women ‘crazy’ really says about femininity and mental illness

Using casual derogatory phrases about women and generalizing over their "mental health" is abusive and should not be tolerated.

When the sheltered workshop closes

The move from a facility-based approach to integrated community employment supports.

Is social media to blame for the worsening mental health of...

With 37% of teenage girls in the UK suffering from psychological distress, and no reason to think Australia would be any different, is social media to blame for the worsening mental health of teenage girls?

Three ways employers get well-being at work wrong

Employers are often getting well-being at work wrong by focusing on physical health rather than mental and emotional health and well-being.

Landmark study finds disability diversity the lowest represented on Australian TV

A new study has found that diversity on Australian TV drama shows does not match the diversity in the population and disability representation is the worst.

Bad For All Of Us: The backlash against open plan offices:...

The evidence is now overwhelming that open plan offices are detrimental on many fronts to workers, including our mental health.

Being transgender is not a mental illness, and the WHO should...

The WHO planning to acknowledge that being transgender is not a mental illness, based on the latest psychiatric research and classifications.

You Can’t Ask That Asks The Non-PC Questions You’re Scared To

A brilliant new TV series examines social issues in a completely non politically correct way.

5 things I wish you understood about my personality disorder

Indepth list of 5 things a person with a mental illness wishes you knew about their personality disorder.

Longing for love, sex, marriage and make-up: Narratives of sexuality from...

Ranging from a moral ban on watching pornography, masturbating to wearing make-up, physically disabled people are either considered to be sexually hyperactive or asexual beings.