Thursday, September 19, 2019
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A fresh take on accessible air travel for wheelchair users

A very detailed discussion on the problems and possible solutions for air travel for wheelchair users and electric wheelchairs.

You Can’t Ask That Asks The Non-PC Questions You’re Scared To

A brilliant new TV series examines social issues in a completely non politically correct way.

My eight year search for affordable accessible and disability friendly housing

Read a detailed account of a lengthy, stressful and frustrating search for disability friendly, accessible housing.

5 mobility aids for accessible travelling

The top 5 mobility aids for accessible travelling and a better holiday for all.

The power of social media for disabled people

Examples of the power of social media for disabled people creating powerful social change.

Why we are disabled people, not people with disabilities

An important and enlightening discussion on language to describe disabled people also known as people with disabilities.

Three Tips to Make Classrooms Mobility Device Friendly

Tips for creating an inclusive and accessible educational environment.

Girl with autism denied priority flight boarding

An airline showed a complete lack of understanding and assistance towards a family with an autistic child and made boarding much more difficult.

Invisible disabilities and festivals – Why can’t I use the disabled...

People with invisible disabilities can be given a hard time when using disabled toilets also known as accessible toilets. Not everyone uses a wheelchair that needs these toilets!

5 things parents of special needs kids want you to know...

A law designed to discriminate against trans-sexual people is having unintended consequences for parents of disabled children.