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Should we be forcing people with severe mental illness to have...

An analysis of the justifications and powers for forcing mentally ill people into treatment even if they are competent and refuse that treatment.

Your disability parking permit can save you money

Most drivers with vehicles adapted for them have been paying higher insurance premiums than they should. Now there is an alternative.

What on Earth is Supports Coordination, Plan Management and LAC?

Explanation of the new terms relating to the NDIS: Supports Coordination, Plan Management and LAC.

RNIB partners with Benetech to deliver online resource for print disabled...

Editor's note: A terrific resources for all print disabled readers, including obviously the blind and vision impaired. RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) and...

Disability Sector Concern Over Ride-Sharing Taking Over the School Bus Run

The disability sector and parents are very concerned over plans by the NDIA (NDIS agency) to bring in a new transport scheme for sending disabled children to school for their education.

Get behind “Paws with Purpose” campaign to help guide dogs access

Please spread the message that guide dogs and seeing eye dogs are allowed everywhere and to prevent access is disability discrimination.

If nature is so good for us, why aren’t all public...

It is strange that local authorities aren't making all parks and outdoor areas accessible given the good impact they have on our mental health.

Employees with a disability: it’s time for common sense

Employers should approach the issue of employing people with disabilities with some commonsense which unfortunately is not that common. Read how Enabled Employment handles disability employment.

Designing a dementia-friendly and Accessible website

Some tips and advice on designing a dementia friendly and accessible website.